Immersive Installation
“Self · Martial Arts · Emptiness”

“Self. Martial Arts .Emptiness” is an installation offering an immersive experience on Bruce Lee’s self-actualisation concept with light and senses.

The content of the installation is divided into three parts, namely Self, Martial Arts and Emptiness. It is an 8.5-minutes journey with multimedia and interactive experience. The visual is both the concrete and the abstract to inspire you to explore the possibilities. There is no answer and you may have your own answer.

About Self

Bruce Lee often wrote about the search for Self.

The mirror is a direct expression of searching for one’s self. Bruce’s reflection in the mirrors is at first synchronised with his movements; but after a while, as we adapt to the visual impact, we see the image start to drift. He suddenly turns his head and finds another “Self”.

Time is intangible, never owned by anyone. Time exists only in a relative sense.

The Self divides, endlessly, like in a kaleidoscope. Are we in fact in a world of multifarious facets and dimensions, or is life just repeatedly chasing after itself? And is that good or bad? We can only each experience it for ourselves.

About Martial Arts

In the graphic, Bruce Lee bursts through from the character Martial, poised at the tip of the word. The negative space around him becomes a huge, boundless world.

From the mirrored wall, the Self enters the hall of mirrors, an iconic martial arts space.

Space doesn’t happen by itself. The stuff originally there must first be cleared away before anything new can be established. The walls in the space must be broken through before matter may gather there.

Bruce Lee versus Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee learned every style of martial arts in the world. Refusing to be limited by traditional styles, he cherry-picked the best of each and created moves and combinations most suitable for himself. That spirit is very typical.

The Bruce Lee presented here is not merely a patchwork of old images, but a character that the audience can relate to. Every movement, expression and gesture had been selected from the five films he had made: each look, nose touch, punch and kick has been taken from actual footage – with no invention or imitation.
Who wins? Who loses? All we know is, only when the ultimate boundary is broken can a new realm be entered.

About Emptiness

There is no time. There is no space.

Bruce Lee glides like flowing water, ripples like blowing air, moving wherever chance takes him, without intention, without consciousness, along with the rhythm of nature. He waves his arms, like a bird flying, like waves in the ocean, like clouds across the sky. For some, this movement is reminiscent of the Bodhisattva of Compassion, whose thousand arms reach out to help humankind. But everyone can see, Bruce Lee is unfettered in mind and body, achieving ultimate Emptiness.

And Emptiness becomes the beginning, as it moves towards Self.