“The doctor advised him to rest in bed and no working out. They told him to forget kung fu, that he would never kick again.” — Linda Lee Cadwell

In the 1960s, Bruce Lee’s career in Hollywood was bleak. He suffered a lower back injury in 1970 and was bedridden for half a year. His doctors said he would never be able to practise martial arts again. Even so, he was not discouraged. With a firm conviction to “Walk On”, he resumed his physical training regimen and was able to overcome his injury with sheer determination and a desire to surpass himself. He read voraciously during his recuperation; his library at home contained around 2,500 books which covered a wide range of subjects, from philosophy, martial arts, psychology, history, to dance. He was able to gather and elevate his thoughts through introspection and writing, distilling them down to their essence.